Phone xiaomi getting slow? Here’s the solution

By | May 14, 2019

More Xiaomi smartphone users, the more complaints that their cellphones will become slower and slower for a certain period of time. This is common on all Android devices. People tend to revive their cellphones to run fast again, but that is only temporary. There are a number of things you can do before you reboot so that your Xiaomi phone runs smoothly.

1. Latest Xiaomi software update (Latest MIUI)

Have you checked the latest Xiaomi software? This will correct the main complaint. Xiaomi software updates aim to repair damage and be able to increase cellphone performance.
How do I update Xiaomi phone software? The method is very easy, you can check in Settings> About Phone> System Update. If there is the latest software update, a notification will appear that you must download and install the update.

2. Clean the App Cache and System Trash Files

Cache data and images will usually accumulate after users access several applications. This will make the phone slower. Users are advised to delete cell phone cache regularly. The method is very easy, users can open the Settings menu> Installed Applications> Select any application> Clear cache.

3. Limit Background Applications and Autostart

One other way that is very easy is to limit applications that run in the background and limit applications that are immediately run when turning on the phone. This can speed up boot time and save RAM usage

4. Forced Or Uninstall the Application

Usually cellphones are fast hot and batteries run out quickly due to the application. You can force stop applications that have the most battery consumption. Applications that consume a lot of resources will slow down the performance of the phone. So, you need to stop the application from running again. if the application consumes too much power, it is recommended to delete the application.

5. Reset the factory or flash fast boot.

The last way to make the cell phone is not slow is to reset the cellphone. Why is that? After making a factory reset, the cellphone will return like a new cellphone. All data and applications will be lost. therefore, you need to make a backup so that your data and applications are not lost.

I hope these 5 helpful tutorial about phone Xiaomi getting slow will be use for you.

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